b2s pick: She Went All the Way by Meg Cabot

covers_51419.jpgBOOK 2 SCREEN PICK

She Went All the Way by Meg Cabot (Avon, 2002)

Agent: Laura Langlie Agency

Status: Unknown

Summary: Success hasn’t spoiled screenwriter Lou Calabrese — it’s just given her a taste for luxury. And it’s put her in some bizarre situations — like in a helicopter en route to the wilds of Alaska, sharing too-close quarters with the last man she wants to be with: Jack Townsend. Once a sexy nobody whom Lou helped make a somebody, Jack’s just been dumped by a high-profile Hollywood airhead — who’s eloped with Lou’s longtime love. So what else could go wrong?

Their pilot could try to shoot the most adored man in America. They could crash land in the icy, mountainous middle of nowhere. And at the worst possible moment, when survival should be their only consideration, Jack could start wondering if maybe he wasn’t a wee bit too hasty for not giving this sexy screenwriter a second look — while Lou could start noticing how superstar Jack is kind of hot after all …

Notes: Rom-com perfection. Think Heidi Klum, before she got called ‘difficult’ or 90’s Meg Ryan. It can go either way a Hollywood chick flick or Hallmark made-for-tv movie. You have a funny Hollywood romance. You have a funny sexy female lead, and gruff hunky male lead. The constant jabs and banter between these two is what makes the book. The witty dialogue and deadpan humour literally had me rolling around on the floor laughing. Plus you have an additional storyline with the both of their parents, that will give you an ‘Bad Moms’ ‘Daddys Home’ feel.

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