b2s pick: The Divine by Asaf & Tomer Hanuka

22718664.jpgBOOKS 2 SCREEN PICK

The Divine by Asaf & Tomer Hanuka (First Second, 2015)

Agent: Gerald & Cullen Rapp


Summary: Mark’s out of the military, he has no career prospects and a baby on the way. Mark finds himself making the worst mistake of his life. His old army buddy Jason comes calling, with a lucrative military contract for a mining job in an obscure South-East Asian country called Quanlom.
What awaits him in Quanlom is weirdness of the highest order: a civil war led by ten-year-old twins wielding something that looks a lot like magic, leading an army of warriors who look a lot like gods. What awaits him in Quanlom is an actual goddamn dragon.

Notes: Lord of the Flies meets Heart of Darkness meets X-Men – war, colonialism, fucked up old ass gods, magic, and a jungle that will eat you alive. Inspired by a photograph of a set of 12-year-old twins smoking a cigar, the Htoo twins were known for having led an army against the Burmese who took their homes away. You have a lost ex-military lead, his douchbag friends trying to get him killed, dragons, an army of child-soldiers, and magical 9-year-old twins.

The story sets you up to feel, and goddamit you feel all the feelings. Nature punishing man through a tribe of 3rd world child-soldiers. What the fuck in the best kind of way.



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