b2s pick: Wendy by Walter K. Scott

wendy-6-e1457107208721-1-837x509.jpgBOOK 2 SCREEN PICK

Wendy by Walter K. Scott

Summary:  Wendy is trendy, and has dreams of art stardom — but our young urban protagonist is perpetually derailed by the temptations of punk music, drugs, alcohol, parties, and boys. Hegemonies and hearts are broken in this droll and iconoclastic look at the worlds of art and twentysomethings.

Notes: Wendy is a 20-something art school party girl living in a Montreal-like city. She makes a lot of terrible decisions, eats a lot of pizza, and watches a lot of Netflix. On the outside, she is blonde, wears trendy clothing, and has a close group of friends. This traditional image is contrasted with her poor life choices, the amount she goes out, and her egocentrism. She is trying to make it in the art world without actually putting in any work. Instead of trying to better herself in any way, she just hangs out at punk shows, lurks on boy, tries to avoid malicious girls, and generally makes a complete mess of her life.

Wendy is almost like a Greta Gerwig / Frances Ha character. Wendy is kind of a train wreck but also kind of fabulous. She is ridiculous; she is completely real.. You root for her to figure it out even as you watch it all go pear-shaped.

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