Stephen King’s ‘It’ Part 2 Coming to Theatres September 2019

it_forside_stor.jpg‘The second half of King’s 1986 novel follows a 27-year time jump. This February, sources told Variety that two-time Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain was in negotiations to play adult Beverly Marsh, the sole female in the soon-to-be series’ central “Losers Club.”

The sequel to “It,” the highest-grossing Stephen King adaptation to date, will begin filming in July. “The script is still being finalized and the locations are currently being scouted in anticipation of shooting then,” confirmed producer Roy Lee in an email to IndieWire. Warners announced the sequel less than two weeks after “It” landed in theaters. Director Andrés Muschietti will return to extend the first installment into a franchise. One of the original screenplay’s three writers, Gary Dauberman, is at work on the script.

Budgeted at $35 million, “It” had the fourth-best domestic opening weekend of any film in 2017 at $123 million.’

The “It” sequel arrives in theaters on September 6, 2019.

Via IndieWire

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