b2s pick: Tomboy by Mia Goodwin

images-1.jpgBOOKS 2 SCREEN PICK

Tomboy by Mia Goodwin (Action Lab, 2016)

Summary: No Crime Goes Unpunished. No Criminal Walks Away. The death of a friend catches sixteen year-old Addison off guard, but a chance encounter with his killers on the subway forever changes her life. Crime cover-ups, dirty cops, and magical dead boyfriends consume her life as she’s thrust into the vigilante lifestyle and murder becomes her after school activity.

Notes: Family secrets, vigilante justice, and a light supernatural element . . . A mixture of Happy! and Hitgirl presents a story with no shortage of pulpy violence, corporate and political corruption, and a very unorthodox devil-on-your-shoulder… all of which is experienced firsthand by sixteen-year-old Addison Brody whose, “tomboy,” description is only the tip of the iceberg.

Addison (a spunky and lively birthday girl), her father Mark (a CSI), and grandfather Anthony (a retired police chief), seem to live as normally as an Irish-cop family is expected to… until her father undercovers the murder of Addison’s best friend. The culprit is Irene Trent, a sadistic woman who heads a poison-pill factory disguised as a pharmaceutical company. Returning from field hockey practice numb with grief, Addison overhears a conversation related to the crime and becomes possessed by her favorite anime-like character Princess Cherry Cherry. She then proceeds to flip on her Wintermelon Wolf mask and goes full, no-holds-barred, Casey Jones. Shocked with herself, Addison unexpectedly learns that a family secret may explain her behavior. Over the course of several months, Addison leaves a trail of bodies, sans eyeballs, in her wake as she closes in on Trent.

Addison is an interesting character, she starts off as a girl into pink, purple, fairies, baseball tops and knee-high socks. She’s sweet, bubbly and loves her family. As the story goes on, and as she seeps into “insanity”, darkness gets into Addison and she isn’t as sweet as we thought she was after all. She starts to take on an arrogance, she becomes powerful and strong and unstoppable. She becomes terrifying. Addison and her cohorts would more than likely be Batman villains were they in the DC Universe.


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