We have a ‘Venom’ trailer and Tom Hardy’s bizarre accents


I realise the character is a Jekyll and Hyde situation, but in the 2 minute and 44-second trailer, I swear Tom Hardy has 5 different accents.

Venom, a spin-off of the Spider-Man storyline, is based off a character created by Randy Schueller in the early 80’s. The trailer shows off alter-ego Eddie Brock, a journalist who is going up against Riz Ahmed’s Dr. Carlton Drake. (Pretty much every superhero storyline? plucky reporter vs mad scientist)

Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams (in an awful wig)Riz Ahmed, and Jenny Slate star. It’s directed by  Ruben Fleischer, and at some point, Tom Hollands Spider-Man is showing up.

The picture opens on October 5th.

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