Hollywood Gang options ‘Second Coming’ by John Niven

61v-eIpxOvL.jpg‘Gianni Nunnari’s Hollywood Gang has optioned Second Coming, the satirical novel by Scottish author John Niven. Italian filmmaker Paolo Genovese(Perfect Strangers) is circling the project to write and direct.

In Second Coming, God takes a much needed holiday, which in Heaven-lapsed time is a leisurely week of celestial relaxation. But on Earth, several hundred years have passed. When God returns from his break, he discovers a modern-day world gone awry and littered with contemporary societal issues from war and genocides to racism, violence, terrorism and an unhealthy obsession with celebrity culture. So who best to fix today’s problems of the here and now? God sends his dope smoking son to straighten things out.

Niven is best known for his music industry novel Kill Your Friends. “This is the book of mine that has sold by far the most copies around the world,” he said. “I have long thought it would make a great feature and I’m incredibly excited that Gianni and Paolo are starting to make this a reality.’

Hollywood Gang’s Shannon Gaulding and Hollywood Gang Europe’s Claudio Tinari are overseeing.’

Via Deadline

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