First-Look at HBO’s ‘Watchmen’

Hollywood Pipeline managed to get some snaps of filming for the HBO adaptation (or remix) of ‘Watchmen’. You can view more photos on their site, but check out these of Regina King and Don Johnson’s characters. Will it be another horrifying Alan Moore adaptation? Or does Damon Lindelof actually understand the material beyond its financial success?

Don Johnson Begins Filming HBO's 'Watchmen'

‘Don Johnson appears to head some form of parapolice organization in an alternative universe city of Tulsa. HBO has begun filming the much awaited ‘Watchmen’ series.’

First Look:  Regina King On Set -- Shooting Scenes for 'Watchmen'

‘Regina King, who plays “Angela Abraham,” stops on a bridge after getting “rained” upon for an iconic scene in HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ pilot. King is playing the lead role in the series, a first for an African American woman in a comic book genre series.’

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