Mark Millar Claims ‘The Magic Order’ is Already a Sell-Out Hit

‘Just under a year after Netflix inked a deal to purchase creator Mark Millar’s comic booking publishing company, the team have their inaugural series The Magic Order coming out next week – and its poised to be a total sell-out.

Based on pre-order indications, the start of the series of a multi-generation family of magicians under attack from the one-time Avengers author Millarword and artist Olivier Coipel that goes on sale on June 13 is the most successful debut in almost 20 years.


“The second biggest pre-order of the last twenty years was Jupiter’s Legacy, which I released back in 2012,” comic vet Millar told me today of Magic Order’s near magic launch, which Netflix teased with a trailer last week. “Prior to this, you need to go back to 1998 for these kind of orders on a brand-new franchise,” the man that the streaming service’s Ted Sarandos called a “modern day Stan Lee” last year added.

No actually numbers have been released, but based on other best-selling series it’s should be in the 500,000 range if it is selling as well as mainstream comics like Superman. Nor do they clarify whether it is best-selling for publisher Image Comics or for the general comics market. Sounds like it could be a bit of hot air.’

Via Deadline

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