New Anime Series ‘Butt Detective’ based on Picture Books Series

butt detective‘Oshiri Tantei (Butt Detective), an anime series based on a series of popular picture books, premiered on Japan’s NHK Educational TV network on May 3. The series is produced by Toei Animation and directed by Hiroki Shibata (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Gegege no Kitarō) with Natsuko Takahashi (My Love Story!!, Moyashimon) as head writer.

The first Butt Detective picture book, written by Yōko Tanaka and illustrated by Masahide Fukasawa (they collectively work under the name Troll), was published by Poplar in 2012. The series now has around 2 million copies in print and consists of six picture books and five books for grade schoolers.

A trailer associated with the series first debuted on Toei’s Youtube channel in May 2017, and more promotional shorts followed last August and December. All the videos have English, Korean, and traditional Chinese subtitles available. Butt Detective follows the stinky crime-solving adventures of the titular character, a detective with a head shaped like a butt, voiced by Yuko Sanpei (Boruto). Butt Detective’s four-legged sidekick Brown is voiced by Ayaka Saito (Jewelpet’s Ruby). Also included among the cast are Ikkei Watanabe, Takahiro Sakurai, Kaitō U, Reika Uyama, and Gaku Kudō.’

Via CartoonBrew

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