Yetide Badaki Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for New ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Adaptation

tumblr_p6ot9j9NLC1xn6mj4o5_540‘American Gods actress Yetide Badaki is looking to do something different with Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. She recently launched a fundraising campaign for a short film titled Wonderland that will re-imagine the classic tale.

Wonderland will take the world of Alice and the Mad Hatter and set it in Hollywood’s film industry — which is just as trippy and full of twists and turns. The short is Badaki’s take on being an actress in Hollywood.

Cup.410.g.74, 55Badaki, who wrote the short, launched the IndieGoGo campaign to fund the project with her collaborators that include Karen David (Galavant, Once Upon a Time), Dom Burgess (The Feud, The Magicians) and director Jessica Sherif. Badaki, David, and Sherif will also produce.

Badaki will star as Zodwa, who will be the film’s Alice character. She is an actress who works at a diner. When she gets called into an audition, she is thrown into a bizarre world “where our rules don’t seem to apply.” David will star as a cutthroat casting director which parallels the character of the Queen while Burgess will play the hookah-smoking Donald Craps, a studio director that is essentially the Caterpillar from the classic fairytale.’

Via Deadline

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