b2s pick: Luisa by Carole Maurel

9781594656439_p0_v3_s550x406Book 2 Screen Pick

Luisa by Carole Maurel (2018, Humanoids)

Summary: At 32, Luisa encounters her 15-year-old self in this sensitive, bold story about self-acceptance and sexuality. Single, and having left behind her dream to become a renowned photographer, she is struggling to find out who she is and what she wants. In order to help and guide her younger self, she must finally face herself and her past. When Luisa finds herself attracted to a female neighbor, things become even more complicated… Insightful and funny, this is a feel-good coming-of-age story.

Notes: From homosexuality, first loves, coming out stories, the transition from adolescence to adulthood, the forgotten desires of our youth, the acceptance of who we are. ..

The stories heart lies in accepting yourself but adds a fantastic sleight of hand with the sci-fi twist. Luisa is a strong character, especially with the juxtaposition of her optimistic younger version vs. her bitterness in her adult self. It keeps the story from being too ‘feel-good’ and makes it more bittersweet. Luisa’s comes to realize the effect of those fateful mistakes in your youth can completely change the paths we are on.

The motif of meet-your-younger-self used simply as an avenue of self-discovery was well-handled. The ambiguity of whether it was really happening or whether it was more metaphorical, and the way in which Luisa’s teen and adult selves began to turn into each other as they spent more time together and saw each other’s point of view more and more. A serious and potentially tragic subject, but a story full of energy and humor.

It’s captivating from the beginning to the end. The characters are all endearing and deep and the plot, despite its simplicity, can bring complexity to make everything hyper interesting.

A fantastic duel lead role, and with brilliant supporting characters of her mother, next-door neighbor love interest and best friend Farid.



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