b2s pick: Mystery Girl

28151Mystery Girl by Paul Tobin (Dark Horse Comics, 2015)

Summary: Trine Hampstead knows everything. Ask her a question like “Where are my keys?” or “Is he cheating on me?” or “How are there perfectly preserved mammoths in recent ice?” and she just knows. She’s the Mystery Girl. The only thing Trine doesn’t know is how she knows—or anything else from the last ten years of her life.

Notes: Mystery Girl is about a woman who knows the answer to every mystery, except her own. She knows everything except how she had gained her abilities and her memory from the last 10 years. Her uncanny ability draws the attention of everyone, and Trine is a helpful person of the community. She is nice to people, and has a complicated relationship with her friend who is in love with her. But it can’t be denied that she loves the people of her neighborhood. She is hired to go to Siberia to find the last living mammoth. However, a psychopathic hitman is out to make her his next victim, and becomes more interested when he learns of her abilities. Determined to outdo her, he and his company set a trap for her, one which she evades and later falls into. Still, her resourcefulness and her abilities manage to rescue her from dire situations.

She is able to outwit her enemies and will let them know to not mess with her or her friends from her mentor, a semi-retired PI, romantically interested Police Officer and local woman, an elderly woman and her pet dog, to 2 strippers.

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