Duncan Jones Teases ‘Rogue Trooper’ Film

‘Filmmaker Duncan Jones on Sunday teased a new Rogue Trooper movie via his Twitter account.

The director behind films including MoonSource Code, Warcraft and Mute posted a teaser video in which he ponders what the subject of his next film should be in a rhyming-poem format.

Co-created by Watchmen’s Dave Gibbons and writer Gerry Finley-Day in the UK’s 2000AD, the high concept behind Rogue Trooper is remarkably simple: An ongoing war between two human factions — the Norts and the Southers; the Civil War references weren’t particularly subtle, although to all intents and purposes the Norts are essentially space Nazis — has become centered on Nu Earth, a planet so destroyed by the conflict that soldiers can only survive with the assistance of breathing apparatus and “chemsuit” armor. Seeking the edge, scientists from Southers’ “MilliCom” created a breed of seemingly unstoppable clones, called Genetic Infantrymen — G.I.s for short — only for all of them to be massacred upon their arrival on Nu Earth. Only one survived, with a new mission: Find the traitorous Southern High Command general that betrayed the G.I.s, and kill him.

There was a twist to the formula, however; a narrative trick to help Rogue (as he became known) offer exposition to readers without having to talk to himself all the time. Although Rogue was the only surviving G.I., he was accompanied on his mission by three fallen comrades, because he had rescued their “biochips” — essentially, a computer chip with their personalities on it — and implanted them in his equipment, giving him a talking gun, backpack and helmet to crack wise even when the chips were down. The three supporting characters would prove to be a significant part of the series’ appeal.

For years, Rogue and his talking equipment searched for the figure who became known as the Traitor General, only occasionally distracted by Norts (who would, underscoring their Axis inspirations, scream “NAIN!” as they were ruthlessly gunned down) or other events that would underscore the dehumanizing aspects of space war. The strip was an enjoyably contradictory mix of hyper-masculine action and “War is Hell” reflection, enlivened with occasional intrusions advancing the larger mythology or featuring more heavily obvious science-fiction elements. Both Gibbons and Finley-Day left the strip eventually, but other creators who worked on its initial incarnation subsequently included Alan Moore and Preacher co-creator Steve Dillon.

Whether or not the movie Rogue Trooper that Jones will create is going to model itself after the very first comic, the “War Machine” reboot or the more complicated mythology as it current exists across multiple series remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: If done right, this could be something unlike any other comic book movie out there.’

Via Hollywood Reporter

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