‘Batman: Hush’ Comic Getting Animated for 2019

Batman_-_Hush_TPB.jpg‘The infamous Batman: Hush storyline is being adapted into an animated film.

There are few details available about the film at this time, but it is set to release sometime in 2019 as part of the DC animated movie line. We’re waiting to hear whether or not this will be an independent story or if it will somehow be part of the shared animated universe storylines that DC is working on. However, it’s likely that it will be a standalone tale.

What a tale it will be, though. The original story follows a mysterious figure referred to as “Hush” who seems intent on stalking Batman and ruining his life. Unfortunately for Batman, it seems that all of the city’s most notorious villains have picked this time to come at the Dark Knight. To make matters worse, a series of incidents brings a lot of “old friends” back into Batman’s life just as he is trying to explore whether or not he and Catwoman have a future together.

Hush is famous for its mysterious story, some truly incredible moments in the Batman mythology, and for Jim Lee’s amazing artwork. Indeed, some consider Hush to be the definitive Batman story in terms of how Gotham City and some of its most famous inhabitants are portrayed. It will be fascinating to see how that famous artwork translates to an animated film.

While the Batman animated films have been pretty hit-and-miss as of late – with a few too many misses – the fact remains that the caped crusader has starred in some of the absolute greatest stories ever penned. There are plenty of reasons to believe that Hush will capture the magic of the legendary original story.’

Via Den of Geek



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