Universal’s ‘Cowboy Ninja Viking’ Goes Back Into Development

image-comics-cowboy-ninja-viking-tpb-1‘Universal has pulled Cowboy Ninja Viking back from its June 28, 2019 release date, amid hot rumors of heavy turbulence on the set. Sources said that the film came to a screeching halt yesterday and there were rumors there might be some changes in elements. Studio has confirmed the picture has pulled back from its fast track and will go back into development. It had been slated to begin production in mid-September.

Chris Pratt and Priyanka Chopra were set to star, with Game of Thrones and Westworld director Michelle MacLaren helming the story about a new type of assassin who manifests the toughest skills of three different personas — that of cowboy, ninja and viking.

The budget is big enough that the studio wants to make sure things are right before production begins. MacLaren is getting her feature directing assignment on a huge project, this after directing episodes of Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul.

Craig Mazin wrote an earlier draft of the screenplay with an original draft by Paul Wernick and Everett David Reese.

The Image Comics graphic novel is by AJ Lieberman and illustrator Riley Rossmo.’

Via Deadline

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