Stampede Developing ‘Revenge of Magic’ and ‘Star Crossed’

‘Greg Silverman’s Stampede announced today the acquisition of two novels for development: James Riley’s middle-grade fantasy series, Revenge of Magic from Simon & Schuster’s Aladdin Books, and Minnie Darke’s twisted romantic comedy Star-Crossed from Penguin Random House.

the-revenge-of-magic-9781481485777_hrRevenge of Magic follows Fort Fitzgerald, a young boy born after “Discovery Day”, when long-dead magical creatures are unearthed all around the world, each buried with a book of magic. After a devastating attack that kills his father, Fort is sent to the mysterious, government-run Oppenheimer School to learn magic from those same books as only children have the ability to unlock the dangerous power they hold within.

MinnieDarke_Website_Annoucement_1600x800Star-Crossed, is a romantic comedy, that follows a magazine journalist who makes a few small alterations to the copy for Aquarius in her publication’s horoscopes to get the romantic attention of her old friend, Nick, a true believer in the stars. Her actions result in far-reaching and unintended ripple effects.

Projects previously announced on Stampede’s development slate includes the female-driven horror thriller This Red Fire from Nicolina Torres as well as the Walter Cronkite/JFK drama Newsflash from director David Gordon Green.’

Via Deadline

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