‘Good Omens’ Teaser Trailer – NYCC

Neil Gaiman is back on TV with a second adaptation of his written work in as many years. This time, he’s brought some famous folks and Amazon along for the ride.

At New York Comic Con on Saturday morning, Gaiman introduced the first look at the series with a trailer for the crowd at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden.

Much like “American Gods,” which looked at religious and cultural mythology as the battleground for a coming showdown, the new Amazon show “Good Omens” seems like it’s bringing a similar kind of fight to TV. Angels and demons trying to stop Earth from ripping itself apart. In the process, they’ll have to overcome Beelzebub itself, played here by Anna Maxwell Martin.

David Tennant (in the latest on a growing list of against-type roles) plays Crowley, the Earth’s first demon. Alongside him, an angel who’s been a buddy for the entirety of human existence, is Aziraphale (Michael Sheen). Together, they work to save the forces of Heaven and Hell from wiping out…pretty much everything. Fans of the book won’t be surprised that Queen makes an appearance here (appropriately with the song “You’re My Best Friend”).

The series ensemble includes Miranda Richardson, Nick Offerman, Michael McKean, and Jack Whitehall, also featuring Jon Hamm as (of course) Gabriel the Archangel.

Gaiman co-wrote the original 1990 novel with the late “Discworld” scribe Terry Pratchett and has served as the showrunner on the series. “Good Omens” is a co-production with the BBC.

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