Netflix’s ‘Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City’ Fills Out Cast w/ Paul Gross

Paul Gross‘Netflix’s revival of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City has filled out its cast, and it includes a familiar face from the first installment of the series and a number of LGBTQ actors.

The show is also making a big effort to feature members of the LGBTQ behind the camera.

Paul Gross will return to Tales of the City to reprise his role as Brian Hawkins, the ex-husband of Mary Ann Singleton (Laura Linney, also returning) and the father of Shawna Hawkins (Ellen Page). Gross starred on the first Tales of the City in 1994 but was committed to Due South when the sequel More Tales of the City was greenlighted. Whip Hubley played the role on More and Further Tales of the City.

Joining Gross as series regulars are Murray Bartlett (Looking) as Mary Ann’s best friend Mouse (previously played by Marcus D’Amico and Paul Hopkins); Charlie Barnett (Chicago Fire) as Mouse’s boyfriend, Ben Marshall; Josiah Victoria Garcia as transgender man Jake Rodriguez, caregiver for Anna Madrigal (Olympia Dukakis, reprising her role); and May Hong as Jake’s girlfriend, Margot Park.

Ellen Page (left), Lauren MorelliAdditionally, Jen Richards, Daniela Vega, Michelle Buteau, Ashley Park, Christopher Larkin, Caldwell Tidicue (aka “Bob the Drag Queen”), Matthew Risch, Michael Park, Dickie Hearts, Benjamin Thys, Samantha Soule and Juan Castano will all have recurring roles. Barbara Garrick is also returning as DeDe Halcyon Day.


Showrunner Lauren Morelli and executive producer and director Alan Poul have assembled a writing staff made up entirely of LGBTQ people: Andy Parker, Patricia Resnick, Marcus Gardley, Jen Silverman, Hansol Jung and Thomas Page McBee. Directors Silas Howard, Sydney Freeland, Stacie Passon and Kyle Alvarez are members of the LGBTQ community, as well.

Transgender people involved in the production include Garcia, Richards, Vega, McBee, Howard and Feeland.

Tales of the City comes from Working Title Television and NBCUniversal International. It is due to premiere in 2019 on Netflix.’

Via Hollywood Reporter

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