Anna David’s ‘Party Girl’ Optioned

party girl.jpgAnna David’s novel Party Girl has been acquired by Niels Juul, an exec producer on Martin Scorsese’s Silence and The Irishman.

The novel centers around a celebrity journalist who, after years of hard partying, gets sober only to be hired by a glossy magazine to write a column about her party-hopping lifestyle.

The story closely parallels the life of David, who has been sober for nearly two decades. “I got a job writing a column called ‘Party Girl’ for [the now defunct] Premiere [magazine] right when I got out of rehab,” she says. “And most of the misadventures in the book — especially the more ridiculous ones — are things I’ve experienced.”

“When I read Anna’s book I had one of those rare experiences of laughing out loud on one page and crying on the next, as I recognized so many good friends of mine from the fashion or movie business who either survived or surrendered to the late 90’s party life and subsequent addictions,” adds Juul. “It read like what Sex and the City would look like if it had a black sheep sister and had been written with hilarious ironic twists so relevant in today’s reality-star-driven party world.”

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