20th Century Acquires Film Rights to Stephan Talty’s ‘Saving Bravo’

savingbravo.jpg’20th Century Fox has secured the film rights to the war book Saving Bravo: The Greatest Rescue Mission in Navy SEAL History by journalist Stephan Talty. Andrew Baldwin, who wrote The Outsider starring Jared Leto as well as the Idris Elba-led film The Take, is attached to adapt the screenplay. Logan producers Hutch Parker and Dan Wilson are producing.

Released October 30 via Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the story is about the rescue mission of Gene Hambleton, an Air Force Navigator who, equipped with classified secrets about advanced rocketry and radar systems, as well as the target cities in the Soviet Union that American missiles were aimed at, is taken down behind enemy lines.

After various attempts by different military branches, Navy SEAL Tommy Norris and South Vietnamese commando Nguyen Van Kiet, disguised as Vietnamese fishermen, evaded 30,000 enemy troops and endured a rocket attack before finding the navigator and bringing him back alive. The story focuses on the brotherhood and sacrifice of the men who gave their lives to save Hambleton.

Talty, a New York Times bestselling author, used an unpublished memoir written by Hambleton and interviews with the survivors of the mission and the families of those who didn’t return as source material for Saving Bravo.

He’s repped by APA and Waxman Literary Agency.’

Via Deadline

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