Antoine Fuqua Developing ‘The Devil Soldier’ by Caleb Carr

‘Antoine Fuqua will develop to produce and potentially direct the historical-action epic, The Devil Soldier, based on Caleb Carr’s bestselling novel. Fuqua will produce with Mark Earl Burman (Dog Eat Dog) and the film will be a production of ADME Studios.

Penguin Random House

The Devil Soldier is a historical epic which follows the American outlaw-turned-mercenary Frederick Townsend Ward during the Taiping Rebellion. The book has sold millions of copies and has been likened by critics, as an American version of Lawrence of Arabia, set in 19th century China. Carr’s bestseller The Alienist was turned into a hit limited series for TNT.

Fuqua is coming off a reteam with Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 2, which has grossed over $190 million worldwide. The filmmaker has been in the mix on several projects including the Scarface remake.

The film will be exec produced by Artist International Group CEO David Unger, as well as ADME’s Scott Powell.

Fuqua is repped by CAA.’

Via Deadline

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