Kym Grosso’s “The Immortals of New Orleans” & Teresa Gabelman’s “The Protectors” Optioned by Dreamstreet

‘It’s being described as Sons of Anarchy meets True Blood. Two USA Today bestselling, self-published paranormal romance books — Kade’s Dark Embrace from author Kym Grosso’s “The Immortals of New Orleans” series, and Damon from Teresa Gabelman’s “The Protectors” series of books — have been optioned by Gloria Morrison’s Dreamstreet Entertainment and Tony Eldridge’s Lonetree Entertainment (The Equalizer franchise, The War Magician).

It will be the first time these two authors, who are both popular with paranormal readers, will be combining their characters’ worlds, and they are doing so for the development of a scripted series that puts sexy paranormal millionaires and vampire warriors together. Between the two books — Kade’s Dark Embrace and Damon — over two million copies have been sold.

In Kade’s Dark Embrace, a female detective is forced to work with an alpha male vampire to solve the murder of a number of girls who are ritualistically murdered in Philadelphia. As they fight their attraction to one another, the investigation leads them into New Orleans and to Voodoo killings.

In Damon, which is the first book in the series, Damon DeMasters is considered a true vampire warrior who is a protector of all mankind — and, of course, vampires. But the opiod of choice on the streets is Crimson Rush (vampire blood). As tensions escalate in this ongoing street war, Damon and a social worker must protect the children of both humans and vampires who are now leaving freely in the world.

Dreamstreet’s other credits include Firestorm and Nobody Knows Anything! Lane Heymont of The Tobias Literary Agency brokered the options’ deal.’

Via Deadline

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