Felicia Day Producing Aminder Dhaliwal’s Woman World for Freeform

Drawn & Quarterly

Felicia Day, currently on Mystery Science Theatre 3000 announced on her Instagram that she will be producing the an adaptation of Aminder Dhaliwal’s viral instagram comic Woman World for Freeform. The show is proposed as half-hour animated episodes.

The comic follow a ‘post mankind’ society when a birth defect wipes out the planet’s entire population of men. The sotry follows the rebuilding process, tracking a group of women who have rallied together under the flag of “Beyonce’s Thighs.” Only Grandma remembers the distant past, a civilization of segway-riding mall cops, Blockbusters movie rental shops, and “That’s What She Said” jokes. For the most part, Woman World’s residents are focused on their struggles with unrequited love and anxiety, not to mention that whole “survival of humanity” thing. It was nominated for Best Online Comic at the Ignatz Awards.

The first collection of the comic was published recently by Drawn & Quarterly. She first started serialising the comic in 2017. Dhaliwal in a Canadian cartoonist and animator, currently working at Disney TV Animation.

Felicia Day is represented by Thruline Management WME Entertainment. She has also written her own comics notably ‘The Guild‘, an adaptation of her webseries of the same name.

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