B2S Book Club March Pick: Radioactive by Lauren Redniss

Our March Books 2 Screen pick is Radioactive by Lauren Redniss (2010, It Books). You can listen to past choices over on SoundCloud or Spotify.  We will be meeting on March 25th to discuss! 

For those not in London please feel free to discuss the book/film below and we will post a recording of the group to post!

Radioactive is the visual journey into the life of Marie Curie, as told through the dazzling collage style of acclaimed author and artist Lauren Redniss. Redniss has hand-designed more than 100 color collages to tell Curie‚Äôs story, fascinating in its scientific significance and its sometimes whimsical, sometimes haunting mix of romance and intrigue. Bringing together archival photos, images, and clippings with dazzling line drawings and a compelling narrative, Radioactive is far more than just an art book or a graphic novel: It is a stunning visual biography and a true work of art. 

It stars Rosamund Pike, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Sam Riley.

It was adapted by Jack Thorne ( His Dark Materials, The Aeronauts, Wonder, The Fades), and directed by Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis, The Voices, Chicken With Plums)

The film is produced by StudioCanal, Working Title Films, Pioneer Stilking Films and Shoebox Films.

We always encourage you to support your local independent bookseller in purchasing the book and independent cinemas in your viewing!

Last month we discussed The Colour Out of Space by H.P. Lovecraft, that was adapted into the film Color out of Space from Richard Stanley.

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